Social Reporting that Goes Beyond Expectations

Understanding your social media performance is crucial to achieving your marketing goals. Socially Suite provides advanced social reporting tools that offer unparalleled insights into your social media campaigns and followers. We help you track your social ROI to the penny, providing granular detail on your social media influencers, campaign revenue, and more.

Influencer Identification

Socially Suite ensures no influencer escapes your attention. Our comprehensive tracking is incorporated into every link you and your users share and follow. This gives you the detailed data you need to identify your most impactful social media influencers.

Multi-Device Tracking

As consumers engage with your brand across various devices throughout the day, our proprietary technology consolidates all activity into a single feed for each member of your community, providing a comprehensive view of their engagement.

Social CRM Integration

Understand precisely how much revenue, leads, and website traffic your users generate while advocating for your brand. With links to their social accounts included, your influencer outreach efforts are streamlined and effective.

Social Revenue Tracking

With our automated tracking, you gain a complete view of your social revenue attribution without needing any additional tools. We monitor and report the revenue generated from all your social media publishing, campaigns, and share button activity across various networks.

  • Social Posts: Assign lead generation and revenue to each of your social posts by network.

  • Social Campaigns: Track the revenue of the entire campaign, individual participants, each social network, and more.

  • Share Buttons: Attribute lead generation and revenue to each share button by network.

Visual Performance Tracking

Our vibrant charts and graphs paint a vivid picture of your company's benefits from social media programs. With all our pricing plans, you can run unlimited reports.

  • Overview Report: A comprehensive social media dashboard that monitors all key performance indicators (Social KPIs), broken down by campaign, social network, activity, and employee among others.

  • Published Message Report: Provides actionable insights, such as your ideal message length, and plots all posts on a single chart to help identify your most engaging and profitable topics.

  • Video Report: Identify your most successful videos and video campaigns, and gain useful insights from our YouTube integration without leaving our dashboard.

  • Share Button Report: Get detailed information on which share buttons are generating the most referred revenue, leads, and website visits.

  • Campaign Report: Get complete funnel reporting on your content marketing landing pages and contests, and know the engagement and conversion rates of all social media campaigns and landing pages.

  • Optimal Publishing Times: Select a goal and we'll recommend the optimal time and date to post your message. Optimize for revenue, lead generation, or click-throughs.

Socially Suite's social reporting is designed to provide your business with actionable data, allowing you to measure, understand, and optimize your social media performance. With our reports, you have the power to make informed decisions and drive your social media success.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We're a small group of passionate and experienced marketers who love helping our Socially Suite clients succeed. From crafting killer marketing strategies to delivering creative engaging content, we've got the skills and drive to help you reach new customers, boost brand awareness and drive sales. Let's work together to make some awesome things happen for your business-- It's all happening inside Socially Suite!

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Ready to take social media marketing off of your to-do list?

Social media marketing can be a time-consuming task for businesses, but it is essential for reaching and engaging with customers. If you're ready to take social media marketing off of your to-do list, get started with Socially Suite now.

Looking to take social media marketing off your plate? Think great marketing has to cost a fortune? Experience the Suite Life for yourself!

Looking to take social media marketing off your plate? Think great marketing has to cost a fortune? Experience the Suite Life for yourself!