Boost Your Brand's Influence with Viral Social Campaigns

With Socially Suite, you can elevate your brand's word-of-mouth to viral levels and launch engaging social campaigns on your website, mobile, and social platforms. Best of all, you can do this in minutes and without needing any help from IT!

Launch a Variety of Social Campaigns

Socially Suite empowers you to run a multitude of social campaigns, all tailored to engage your audience and spread your message organically. Here are just a few examples:

  • Testimonials: Gather valuable testimonials from your customers and share them across various platforms.

  • Customer Stories: Encourage your customers to share their unique experiences with your products or services.

  • Employee Advocacy: Turn your employees into brand ambassadors, sharing their workplace experiences and achievements.

  • Referral Sweepstakes: Motivate your audience to refer others to your brand in exchange for a chance to win prizes.

  • Share a Deal, Get a Deal: Incentivize your audience to share your promotional deals with their network.

  • Weekly Giveaways: Run recurring giveaways to keep your audience engaged and always coming back for more.

  • Video/Photo Contests: Organize video and photo contests to encourage user-generated content and virality.

  • Essay Contests: Engage your audience intellectually by having them submit essays related to your brand or industry.

  • Video/Photo Sharing: Encourage your customers to share videos and photos using your products or services.

  • Signup Landing Pages: Collect information and grow your subscriber base with attractive signup pages.

Run Contests & Sweepstakes Effortlessly

With Socially Suite, running contests and sweepstakes is as easy as it gets. We've put our efforts into ensuring you spend more time engaging with your community and less time worrying about administrative tasks.

  • Automated Fraud Prevention: Our system vigilantly watches for duplicate votes and referrals, flags suspicious activity, and blocks fraudulent actions, ensuring a fair contest environment.

  • Approval via Mobile: Use our four moderation settings to find the perfect balance between convenience and scrutiny. Approve submissions right from your mobile device.

  • Your Brand, Everywhere: With our white-label campaigns, your brand takes center stage. You can customize email notifications, entry forms, microsites, and thank-you pages to consistently present your branding.

  • Automated Split Testing: Launch up to five campaigns simultaneously and let our system determine which performed the best.

With Socially Suite's Social Campaigns feature, boosting brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty has never been easier or more efficient. Get ready to watch your brand soar to new heights.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We're a small group of passionate and experienced marketers who love helping our Socially Suite clients succeed. From crafting killer marketing strategies to delivering creative engaging content, we've got the skills and drive to help you reach new customers, boost brand awareness and drive sales. Let's work together to make some awesome things happen for your business-- It's all happening inside Socially Suite!

What Our Customers Say!

Ready to take social media marketing off of your to-do list?

Social media marketing can be a time-consuming task for businesses, but it is essential for reaching and engaging with customers. If you're ready to take social media marketing off of your to-do list, get started with Socially Suite now.

Looking to take social media marketing off your plate? Think great marketing has to cost a fortune? Experience the Suite Life for yourself!

Looking to take social media marketing off your plate? Think great marketing has to cost a fortune? Experience the Suite Life for yourself!